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Discover balance and restore your health by aligning yourself with our professional chiropractor because adjustments are a part of life
Healing hands, compassionate hearts & intuitive minds that leave you revitalized
Experience the art of non-medical healing that balanced your body and mind
Health defines destiny, let’s transform the mind holistically with Therapeutic Psychology through mind-body equilibrium
Discovering miracle of alternative medication and experiencing the art forms of manipulative body work
Herbal ball
Our herbal ball massage is an add-on service that is a hot compress massage which helps in relieving stress and fatigue, induce deep relaxation, and boost your emotional and physical well-being.
Unwind yourself with holistic therapy where your body can be relax and flexible with the real Touch of Life
Our products foster a clean mind, body, and your surrounding space. Remove unwanted odor, and offer healing aromatherapy for your use at the gym, home, office, and on the go!
Piyamala Products
Come and discover your sanctuary. It has never been easier to take a break from stress and anxiety that surround you every day.
At Piyamala, we take pride in crafting our signature aromatherapy products by using the finest pure plant essential oil from all around the world so our customer can experience the goodness of nature essential oil. For more info, please visit

Pomona Wellness Center Plus

Traditional Thai Massage
60 mins: $55 | 90 mins: $75

Traditional Thai massage is an ancient form of healing dating back over 2,500 years, with its roots in yoga, Ayurvedic medicine and meditation.
This unique and complete system combines rhythmic massage, acupressure, gentle twisting and deep stretching; releases tension and stress; increases vitality, prevents illness, and creates wholeness and harmony of the mind, body and spirit.
Thai massage is performed on a floor mat, without oil, and the recipient is dressed in loose clothing.

East-West Combination Massage
60 mins: $55 | 90 mins: $75

An east meets west technique that combines the best of Swedish and Thai massage modalities. Special oils and lotion are applied to reduce friction and allow smooth strokes and kneading of muscle tissue. This method is used to improve circulation, relieve muscle pain and tension, increase flexibility and induce relaxation.
About Dr. Butts
Dr. M. Butts, B.A. 2001 UC Riverside, Doctor of Chiropractic 2005 and M.S.A.O.M. 2007 Southern Cal. Univ. of Health Sciences. Dr. Butts is a wonderful, gentle, caring, professional whose purpose is to heal as many people as possible with his engaging bedside manner. Having successfully treated literally thousands of patients over the years, he is truly loved by all. Knowlegeable about numerous chiropractic techniques, he has experience with sports injuries and nutrition. Dr. Butts personally believes in a natural, healthy lifestyle and regularly practices exercise therapy, tai chi, yoga and a healthy diet.
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